Last Update: 19 Jun 2018
Version 8.0.4b

Ref:    MCC/LS/QUOTE-1/2017.                                                      Date: 13th March, 2017


1. Quotation are being called for  in respect of the following works:-

“ Quotation for the grass cutting and drain clearing works within the fencing area and the road verges infront of Lambir Nursery Centre, Miri for year 2017”

2. Quotation must be submitted in sealed envelope clearly marked and address as follows:-

The Chairman,
Quotation Committee,
Miri City Council,

3. The closing date for quotation shall be at 12.00 Noon at 21st March, 2017 (Tuesday).

4. Quotation should be handed in or posted to the address mentioned in Paragraph 2 above.

5. The Council does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any quotation

6. Quotation forms are obtainable from the Council’s Landscape Division, Miri City Council, Miri during normal office working hours upon payment of the respective document fee.

7. Only UPK Registered Contractors under Head VI Subhead 5 or 5(a or b) can apply or participated.

8. Document Fee:   RM 10.00 (Non-Refundable)

9. Failure to observe these three conditions may result in disqualification of your quotation.