Be innovative to revive Miri’s economy
Posted on : 28 Dec 2020  Source of News: New Sarawak Tribune

KUCHING: Local businesses in Miri have been urged to be innovative in reviving the economy amid the drop in cross-border revenue following the current international travel restrictions.

“Among the sectors worst-affected are the hotels, shopping complexes, restaurants, transportation sectors and services sectors.

“The massive slump in the oil and gas industry caused by the global decline in demand hit us too as a petroleum producer.

“We in Miri are trying to revive the tourism industry through introducing new tourism products. We are hopeful and confident the Covid-19 can be contained soon with the availability of vaccines,” Miri City Council (MCC) Mayor Adam Yii said in a statement today.

He said locals could tap into the tourism potential of Miri where MCC had taken an initiative to market local historical sites as potential attractions that could attract domestic Sarawakian tourists.

“Miri was once part of an ancient trade route where Admiral Cheng Ho from China had visited. I am sure there must be historical records to point out the exact locations he had been to when he was in Miri. These can be our historical sites.

“The Niah cave man is another historical masterpiece that may point to even more ancient historical artefacts along the Niah-Miri locality. We must unearth these interesting potentials.”

Yii said the local food industry had potential for bigger market reach as it had an interesting array of diversified dishes from its dozens of cultures in Miri.

“However even as we put in effort to revitalise our economic sectors, we must continue to adhere to all the necessary standard operating procedure in order to contain the Covid-19 infections.

“We must get use to the new norms of social distancing, personal hygiene observations like wearing face masks in public and washing hands frequently.”

On the Christmas celebration, Yii said it was an opportunity to bring families closer and hoped that the challenges this year would make everyone more compassionate, united and resilient to face the future.

“We pray for a better year ahead and look forward to the future with high spirit and courage.”