RiamTec to hold Miri CARES Live Talk
Posted on : 05 Apr 2021  Source of News: MCC

The Miri City Council plans to turn the city into a "smart city" and on January 28th Mayor Adam Yii hosted the soft launching of Miri CARES app on the Zoom platform.

As a partner in the Miri City Council's project, the Riam Institute of Technology (RiamTec) is committed to promoting the Miri CARES mobile application to the Mirians, and will host an online sharing session entitled “Awaken: Live Talk on Smart City” which will be presented by Dr Chong Kim Mee (Diploma in Commerce Programme Leader) and Ms Dorothy Ma (Cambridge A-Level -Biology Lecturer). General public were invited to join the session to know more about Miri CARES mobile app on this Saturday at 3pm via Zoom.

Dr Chong Kim Mee pointed out that Miri CARES is a mobile phone application for Mirians, which is not only practical and simple but also convenient. It allows Mirians to communicate directly and efficiently with the Miri City Council, or to make complaints, give praises, suggestions and any other content of communications. With this application, the public can contact various bodies through the Miri City Council in a timely manner, so that the council can effectively attend to the community issues and take the necessary relevant measures immediately.

"It is a blessing for the public that the "Smart City Mobile Application" of the Miri City Council can communicate with the public in a synchronized manner, " Dr Chong said. She hopes that everyone will download the mobile phone app, and vigorously promote it to relatives and friends, so that everyone's life is more convenient, and thus improve the quality of life in the community.

Lecturer Dorothy Ma said that at the online sharing session, the two presenters will share information on how to download, how to use it, the benefits of using the Miri CARES app and other relevant information.

To join the sharing session, RiamTec calls on Mirians to log on to the Zoom platform and enter the account number (ID): 949 254 7491 with password: 97riamtec.  It will be conducted on 4th April 2021 at 3pm.

For more information, please call Mdm Lina at 085-613371 or mobile 016-681-3375.