Miri mayor threatens to close Lutong Beach if Covid-19 SOP continues to be flouted
Posted on : 15 Apr 2021  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Yii (second left) talking to one of the traders at Lutong Beach during his visit to the area last weekend.

MIRI (April 14): Miri City Council (MCC) will not hesitate to close down Lutong Beach to the public if the recreational area becomes a hotspot for Covid-19, Mayor Adam Yii said.

In a press statement today, Yii expressed concern over the non-compliance of Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOP) among traders and those visiting the beach.

“The council will not hesitate to recommend for Lutong Beach to be closed to the general public if traders and beach goers do not cooperate with the authorities,” he warned.

Yii and his team from the council made a visit to the beach last weekend to see the current situation at the popular beach attraction as well as SOP compliance among stall traders and beach goers.

He noted that Lutong Beach had become popular lately due to its natural beauty. In light of this, more recreational activities are sprouting in the area including the presence of itinerant hawkers.

“Under such circumstances and as a pre-emptive measure, Miri City Council is going to impose Covid-19 SOP for this area.

“We will also be carrying out enforcement so as to ensure that all the SOPs are complied with, such as wearing of face masks, social distancing, avoiding big crowds and others.” he said.

While he was happy that Lutong Beach had become a popular recreational sport for Mirians, with many flocking to the beach especially during the weekends, Yii feared that it could become a hotspot for Covid-19 outbreak. .

“The Covid-19 pandemic situation in Miri is still worrisome, in fact the positive cases reported are more than expected.

“Therefore, while having leisure time, do not ignore the SOP at public places during the present CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order) period, in order to safeguard yourself and family members as well as the others around you,” he said.