Get your Letters of Confirmation, Miri food operators told
Posted on : 01 Sep 2021  Source of News: Sarawak Tribune

MIRI: Food operators under the jurisdiction of the Miri City Council (MCC) are urged to get their Letters of Confirmation from the council certifying that they and the food handlers in their premises had been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

In issuing the reminder on Monday (Aug 30), Miri Mayor Adam Yii Siew Sang said these letters were needed before the food operators could do their businesses.

Speaking during the council’s Zoom ordinary meeting, he pointed out that the requirement was imposed by the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) in conjunction with the commencement of Phase Two of National Recovery Plan (NRP) from July 14 this year.

“In connection with this, MCC through its Public Health Section has, on July 19, issued a notice to operators of all food premises requiring them to comply with the requirement. 

“Prior to this, the council has also carried out an exercise to assist in speeding up the process of vaccination among the food operators and food handlers,” Yii said.

He said most of the food premises had complied with the requirements.

Yii added that before the issuance of the Letters of Confirmation through the Public Health Section of the council, the operators and their food handlers should have received full vaccination against Covid-19.

“They should keep a copy of the MySejahtera vaccination certificate or digital copy of vaccination certificate for verification by Public Health personnel.

Yii added that the operators of the food premises were required to submit such information in a form provided by the council.

“The operators can also use the QR code or download the form through the online link provided by council to fill in the particulars online,” he explained.

After receiving the duly filled Form and after the verification process, Miri City Council, he said, would within seven days issue a Letter of Confirmation. 

The SDMC has allowed dine-in for customers who have completed the two-dose vaccination against Covid-19 under Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan in Sarawak.