E-waste recycling campaign on June 18
Posted on : 17 Jun 2022  Source of News: Sarawak Tribune

Yong (second right) pays a visit to MCC mayor Adam Yii (fourth left).

MIRI: The Sarawak ICT Association (SICTA) branch here in collaboration with Miri City Council (MCC) is jointly organising a Used Computer and Electronic Recycling Campaign on June 18.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, branch chairman Janson Yong noted that recycling events were unable to be held for the past two years, thus it is expected that there are many disused electric items which need to be disposed.

“We will receive broken and not working electronic items at Miri City Green Community Hub in Taman Yakin (behind Yakin Café) between 9am and 5pm. The public can send over all their broken or electronic items which are no longer working like computers, notebooks, printers and UPS battery.

“In return, we will be giving Miri City parking coupons namely 40 cent coupon for every 2kg to the public who send over the items.

“All the broken and not working electronic items collected will be handed over to Eye1 Recycle (Miri) Sdn Bhd for proper processing. All monies received from the recycle company will be donated to charity,” he said today (June 7).

Yong pointed out that electronic waste or e-waste is becoming a global issue given that as more electrical and electronic equipment are being produced, the more e-waste need to be disposed or managed properly.

“If e-waster is discarded without implementing environmentally sound practices such as into the river, landfill, burning or sent to informal sector, it may endanger our lives, affecting human health, and causing deterioration of environmental quality.

“Components in e-waste contain toxic and hazardous material such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, bromine, and beryllium that will permeate into the earth and subsequently threaten water resources if e-waste is not disposed in an environmentally sound manner.

“Components in e-waste also contain precious metals such as gold, copper, palladium and silver which have high recycling value,” he explained.

As such, he called on the public in Miri to support the activity and to protect the city for a better life and future.
He noted that it is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme for the community.

For more information, the public can contact Yong at 016-8718821 or Alex Jong at 019-8878585.