Miri mayor: Poultry, other livestock farming not allowed in urban residential areas
Posted on : 05 Sep 2022  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Yii (right) listens to a question brought forth by a reporter after the MTPS.

MIRI (Sept 3): Poultry and any other livestock farming is strictly prohibited in any urban residential areas, Mayor Adam Yii has pointed out.

According to him, this is outlined under the requirements set by Miri City Council (MCC) pertaining to residential zones in an urban area.

He told reporters this after attending a ‘Meet-the-People-Session (MTPS) at Permaisuri Imperial City Mall here yesterday.

“We received a complaint relating to this issue, and the MCC had just taken action against a case on same issue.

“Thus, we want to remind the public that action will be taken against those who refuse to comply (with the regulations),” he said.

The reason for the prohibition, he added, was due to excrement from the livestock animals that would bring discomfort to other residents, the noise pollution and also the hygiene factor.

“The course of action to be taken by the MCC is as the following: the health inspector would go and inspect the said location and if the complaint was found to be true, a notice would be issued to the offender; the offender would be given a certain period to clear all the livestock from their residential area; if, after the grace period, the offender failed to resolve the issue, the case would be passed to and handled by the enforcement officer who would issue a compound to the offender; if the compound was ignored by offender, the MCC would either bring the case to court or impound the livestock animals from the location – the animals would either be slaughtered or disposed of,” explained Yii.

It is informed that during the MTPS, a total of five complaints were brought up: two were related to MCC engineering section with regard to blocked drains; one on public health; and two on public cleansing and maintenance works.