Mayor gives assurance on rates overpayment
Posted on : 31 Oct 2022  Source of News: Sarawak Tribune

MIRI: Ratepayers who have overpaid their assessment bills this year will see it rationalised in next year’s property assessment.

The issue arose after the state government offered 25 per cent discounts on the first half and second half of assessment bills this year as part of its post Covid-19 initiatives to lighten the people’s burden.

“Thus, for those who had made their payment earlier, the overpayment shall be credited into their year 2023 assessment bill,” said Mayor Adam Yii  on Saturday during the city’s assessment rate awareness roadshow in Tudan.

Yii disclosed that as of October this year, there were a total of 72, 458 properties in the city.

“We advise ratepayers to make their payment online via S Pay Global apps, Service Sarawak website and apps, and Pay Bills Malaysia website,” he said.

“The payment methods are at your fingertips to avoid the inconvenience of queuing at the counter,” he explained.