Press Release - Miri Marathon 2023
Posted on : 09 Mar 2023  Source of News: MCC

SPEECH YB ADAM YII SIEW SANG, Mayor of Miri City, For the press conference of MIRI MARATHON 2023, Held on 9th March 2023 at Miri City Hall

 A Very Good Morning To You All

As Mayor of Miri City, it is my great pleasure for me to announce the coming of a signature event to be organised by Miri Marathon Association which is called Miri Marathon 2023 of which it will be held at Miri City on 19th March 2023 with the starting point being set at Miri Bulatan Park.

Miri City has been the venue in the past for various forms of running events due to the fact that there are many locals and expatriates who love the sport of running either run for charity or purely for the fun and healthy living. For a Marathon Race, it is only introduced in Year 2016 when a group of enthusiastic runners had come together to organise the Imperial Run which is a Half Marathon (21 km) Race. It is heartening to note that within a short interval the first ever Full Marathon was held at Miri City on 19th March 2017.     

I am grateful that Miri Marathon Association is taking up the challenge of holding this event annually in Miri City ever since in 2017 until 2019 and thereafter we have to put on hold due to the global outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic. Now with everything is almost coming back to normal, Miri Marathon Association is reviving the marathon race and continue with the objective of fostering a healthy lifestyle and a passion for running among the communities of Miri, young and old alike. Miri City has a strategic location to conduct a long-distance run with scnic view along the route which will be passing through the city centre, sea view, villages, places of interests and several iconic buildings as well.

Miri Marathon 2023 will consist of a few categories of Run with the first event of

(1) 42 km Flag off at 2.00 a.m.,

(2) 21 km flag off at 5.00 a.m., and

(3) 10 km flag off at 6.00 a.m.

The Miri Marathon 2023 is expected to end with price-giving ceremony scheduled at 8.00 a.m.

This is a great chance of promoting running lifestyle among the Mirians who are conscious of healthy living. It is an opportunity for runners especially the young and potentials to display their capability and in preparing themselves for higher challenges. Miri City Council are prepared to give the support towards this event as it is in the good hand of the experience and capable organizers and more so, as this event has attracted many foreign runners apart from the local participants.  I believe the organiser will continue with the programme thereby it can become one of the annual events under Miri Calendar of Tourism Events, not only it will bring fame for Miri, it could also gain recognition for Miri Marathon event as part of its global event in this region  and, with the ultimate aim of transforming Miri City into a vibrant, liveable, green and smart resort city.

Thank you.