Posted on : 14 Mar 2023  Source of News: MCC

13 March 2023 - Miri City Council is responsible for the enforcement of the Cleanliness ByLaw in ensuring compliance with the prohibition of peddling on the sidewalk and illegal parking which may affect the image and scenery of Miri City and may cause nuisance, disrupt traffic and threaten the safety of the public.

Recently, the Miri City Council has carried out an enforcement operation for the offense of parking goods in the parking lot, sidewalk area and also shopkeepers who misuse the back area of ​​the shop around the Miri city area from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon.

The enforcement operation was carried out by the Miri City Council's Enforcement and Public Health Section with the involvement of 17 members where the main focus was on restaurants, car workshops and car washes. In the operation, the Council has taken a compound action of RM500.00 based on Cleanliness ByLaw Section 18, on 14 food premises owners for the offense of placing items for sale on the sidewalk and parking lot.

If it is still found to fail to comply with the existing rules, confiscation action will be taken in the future. Miri City Council calls on traders to comply with the conditions stipulated in the licence, including not placing items for sale in the parking lot and on the sidewalk to maintain the cleanliness and image of Miri City.