Places Of Interest


Places of Interest

Taman Awam Miri

Only a few minutes drive from the City centre, this creatively landscaped public park provides you with a pleasant environment for a family outing, or for some light walking exercise. Taman Awam Miri includes a botanical garden, an observatory tower, a suspension bridge, a well-equipped children's playground, pavilions and food stalls.

PictureSan Ching Tian Taoist Temple

You have the rare opportunity while in Miri to see one of the largest Taoist Temples in South-East Asia. Located in Krokop (about 10 minutes drive from the City centre), the San Ching Tian Taoist Temple was opened in 2000 and is cared for by Taoist priests. Visitors are welcomed (as a sign of respect, please dress appropriately).

PictureTua Pek Kong Chinese Temple

An important icon of Miri's early history, this is the oldest Chinese temple in Miri City. Located in the "Old Town" section of the City (at the junction of China street and Jalan Bendahara), the Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple was originally built in 1913 by Chinese migrants then working in Miri's recently- established oil industry. Visitors are welcomed (as a sign of respect, please dress appropriately).



PictureMiri City Fan 

Perfect for an early evening stroll, or if you just want to sit back and relax, the national award-winning City Fan public park - located in the middle of the City - is a complex of elegantly landscaped parks, theme gardens and an open-air amphitheatre. And you can also check out local Sarawakian artworks in the Miri Library (Pustaka Miri) right next to it.


PictureCanada Hill  

Transportation is definitely needed to get there, but it is worth it. Canada Hill is an excellent lookout point over the whole of Miri City and its coastline. You can also see Malaysia's very first oil well - the "Grand Old Lady" - and visit the brand new Petroleum Science Museum, right on the hilltop.

Luak Bay Esplanade 

Only 15 minutes drive from the City centre, this is a great place for your family barbecues, seaside picnics and casual strolls on the sandy beach. there is plenty of parking space and cold drink stalls are usually available. the Luak Bay Esplanade is also accessible by bus.

Taman Selera 

This is Miri City's first recreational park and it is still very popular with locals. About 10 minutes drive from the City centre, Taman Selera encompasses a land-filled pier that extends out into the sea for a different view of Miri's coastline and glorious sunsets. Available amenities include a children's playground and the open-air Taman Selera seafood centre where you can enjoy excellent seafood cooked the way you like. (Your hotel fron desk staff will gladly assist you with directions and transportation needs).

PictureLoagan Bunut National Park 

The "shrinking lake" Loagan Bunut gives its name to the park. During the dry season (February to June), you can walk right across the dry mud flats of this popular bird-watching site. Wildlife activity changes with the seasons and there's usually plenty of it to see. The drive from Miri City to Loagan Bunut National Park generally takes about 3 hours by four-wheel drive vehicle.


PictureGunung Mulu National Park

If you are planning a longer stay in Miri,this world heritage site is an excellent gateway that's very much worth visiting. while famous for its impressive cave complex, teh biodiversity and scenic beauty of the whole park - which also includes rock pinnacles and a Canopy Skywalk (the first world's longest tree-based structure) - are just as breathtaking. Gunung Mulu national Park is only a 25-minute flight away from Miri City; regular flights are available from Miri City's International Airport. Park guides and bookings are usually organised by tour operators.

Your hotel fron desk staff will gladly asssit you in contacting local tour operators to make the necessary arrangements for visits to longhouses and national parks. Comfortable walking shoes and bottled water are recommended for all park visits.

PictureLambir Hills National Park

If you are feeling a little adventorous, how about some walking tracks and cool waterfalls in one of the world's most biodiverse rainforests? Only 30 minutes drive from the City Centre, Lambir Hills National Park is an ideal day-trip soft adventure gateway; camping sites and chalets are also available for overnight stay.(Public buses heading for Batu Niah and Bintulu pass the front gate of Lambir Hills).



PictureNiah National Park

It's not every day that you will get to see a significant piece of human civilisation history. A mere 1 1/2 hours drive on good roads from Miri City, Niah National Park is one of South-East Asia's most important prehistoric sites. The Niah cave contains some very ancient artifacts and rock paintings that embellish teh cave walls. Organised bus trips to the park are available.

And if you also wish to experience first-hand the unique native cultures of Sarawak and see the everyday life of the local native communities, there are numerous longhouses near Lambir Hills and Niah that you can visit.