Administration System


The members of the Council was elected before the enactment ordinance election of the local government in 1956. Since the establishment of the enactment, all the members of council was elected through the process of election. This ordinance was amend by the local authorities. They wanted to restructure the local authorities. After the enforcement of this enactment, the members of council were appointed by the government. From the administration aspect, MCC is under Ministry of Local Goverment and Housing or known as MLGH. MLGH who will be responsible to issue circular from time to time to ensure complaint by enforcement officer.


MCC mayor is the head of council, responsible to conduct the council meeting and also the standing committee meeting . He also have to conduct the members of council and also the public by giving the responsibility and the executive function to the Secretary of City Council as a chief administrative officer cum council warrant holder.


The mode by which the MCC conducts its business is through the committee system.


  • Martkets, Traders and Hawkers Committee (MTH)
  • City Infrastructure Committee (CI)
  • Public Health dan Licensing Committee (PHL)
  • City Services Committee (CS)
  • Building Control Committee (BC)
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • Tourism Development (TD)
  • Finance, Human Resource dan General Purposes Committee (FHRGP)
  • Tender Board
  • Rating Committee
  • Tender Opening Committee
  • Building Plan
  • Safety & Security
  • Revenue


Each of these standing committees meet once a month to deal with matters under their respective terms of reference with which the committees are charged to make decision. The Full Council will meets at the end of each month to deliberate recommendation or to give approval for each decision made in the respective committees meeting.