Whether you are here on business, for leisure and relaxation, for adventure sports, for a unique cultural experience, or for a bit of everything, Miri is a great place to be in.

Even if you are visiting Miri only for a couple of days, there are many things to see and to experience within the City itself. And if you are planning a longer stay, Miri is the perfect gateway to discover the many world heritage treasures and unique native cultures of Northern Sarawak.

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You want to: shop till you drop? eat your heart out? negotiate some business deals? putt a few holes on the green? trek in tropical rainforests? stroll around parks and beaches? experience native cultures?

Miri City has got it all.

PictureA wide range of accommodation is available in Miri City: from luxury resorts, apartment suites and chic city hotels to budget inns and guesthouses, there should be no problem finding somewhere to stay that fulfils your needs and budget.

Food outlets range from fine dining, international cuisine and cozy cafés to food courts and stalls, fast-food shops and roadside food awkers; halal food is very easily available for Muslims. A bustling commercial area in the City centre and convenient air-conditioned shopping complexes around Miri should satisfy all your needs.

It's quite easy to move around the City: Miri is small enough for strolling. There are plenty of buses, taxis are easily found, and rental cars are available. And if you and feel like travelling outside Miri, there are plenty of express buses going on a daily basis from Miri City's Outstation Bus Terminal (located at Jalan Pujut Corner, near SRK Agama) to the major towns and interiors of Sarawak; regular express boat and air-flight services are also available. For easy reference, a road map of Miri City is included for your convenience. (Your hotel front desk staff, local tour operators and travel agents will gladly assist with your transportation needs).

Recreational outdoor activities are easily found in Miri. There are long, sandy beaches, which are usually well frequented on week-ends; two golf courses of international standing are patronised by amateur and pro-golfers alike; Miri's coastal waters provide divers with amazing "underwater jungles" to explore; and national parks within driving distance from the City centre offer plenty of opportunities for soft adventure trekking in tropical rainforests and nature reserves.

Miri is also home to a large number of Sarawak's native communities, like the Ibans, Bidayuhs, Penans, Kayans, Kenyahs, Punans, Lun Bawangs, Berawans and Kelabits. There are plenty of cultural events held in Miri City, such as the Gawai Dayak celebrations and the Miri Cultural Heritage Week - grand occasions when you have the opportunity to see all the local native communities converging together.

And if you are looking for a first-hand experience of Sarawak's native cultures, numerous longhouses can be visited - where you could experience traditional native dances, sape (guitar) playing, handicraft making and tuak (rice wine) drinking, amongst other things.

Miri City has a comprehensive domestic and international telecommunication network, allowing direct phone calls to all parts of the world. Internet access is generally easy, either from your hotel or from the Internet Cafes in the City.

Major foreign currencies and travellers' cheques can be changed easily for local cash, at banks and licensed money-changers located all around the City. There are also many ATM machines available that accept major ATM and credit cards.

Most pharmacies in Miri City are open seven days a week, and there are medical facilities available if the need arises; hotels have doctors on call in case of emergencies.

Lightweight, cool and casual clothes are recommended for Miri's all-year round warm climate. Hats, umbrellas and sunscreen lotion are advisable if you intend to do a lot of walking outdoors.

While Malay is the national language, English as well as Mandarin widely spoken in Miri. You should experience no difficulty asking for directions or communicating with people as you move around Miri City.

You won't fail to notice the great cultural diversity and genuine hospitality of Miri's people: locals and expatriates from all over the world living happily in harmony.

And don't miss out on visiting such wonderful places in Miri, like the Miri City Fan, the San Ching Tian Taoist Temple, Canada Hill and the "Old Town" section of the City, to name just a few.Picture