CNY Bazaar part of broader vision for Miri

Posted on 04 Feb 2024
Source of News: Sarawak Tribune

Ling Chiong Sing Chairman of Miri Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) (left) presenting a momento to Karim after the launching.

MIRI: The Chinese New Year Bazaar, while celebrating the Lunar New Year, also plays a crucial role in the broader vision to transform the city into a Green, Smart, and Most Livable International Resort City.

Mayor Adam Yii said it showcased the commitment to this vision, offering a glimpse into the vibrant culture, beautiful environment, and innovative spirit that define Miri.

He said attracting tourists and visitors to the city through events like this bazaar was a key strategy in the Miri City Council’s urban development plan.

“Not only does it provide an economic boost to our local businesses and artisans, but it also puts Miri on the map as a destination for cultural tourism,” he said at the launching of the bazaar on Saturday.

The launching was graced by Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

“We are proud to offer a unique experience that combines traditional festivities with modern conveniences, set against the backdrop of our stunning natural landscapes,” said Yii.

Additionally, this event underscores the city’s dedication to sustainability and innovation, he said.

“From the eco-friendly practices implemented in the organisation of the bazaar to the smart technologies used to enhance the visitor experience, we are demonstrating Miri’s capacity to be a leader in sustainable urban development.

“It is our hope that through initiatives like the bazaar, we can inspire other cities and communities to embrace green and smart solutions that benefit both people and the planet,” he explained.

The event is a collaboration between the City Council and the Miri Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI).

Yii also credited the Ministry’s support for the Chinese New Year Bazaar.

“The Ministry’s commitment to cultural and community events like ours is invaluable in promoting Sarawak’s rich tapestry of traditions and heritage on a global stage,” he said.

In this respect he said the partnership between the city and the Ministry was a powerful testament to what could be achieved when they worked together towards a common goal.

The Miri Chinese New Year Bazaar has evolved significantly since its inception in 2000.

This year, the organisers have also allocated 40 per cent of the stalls to bumiputeras, emphasising their commitment to racial harmony and inclusivity.

Over the next seven days, Jalan Kingsway and High Street will come alive with the glow of red lanterns, the sounds of cultural performances, and the aromas of delicious traditional food.

During that period, 26 organisations will participate in special events like the Chinese New Year Run 2024 and the Cheongsam Queen Competition.

Also present were Deputy Minister for Tourism Datuk Sebastian Ting, councilor Jeffery Phang representing Datuk Seri Lee Kim Shin, Minister for Transport , Chairman Sarawak Tourism Board Dato Dennis Ngau and Ling Chiong Sing, Chairman of Miri Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI).