Miri City Council...in Brief

Miri City Council which is under Ministry of Public Health, Housing and Local Goverment, is the main organization in managing the development of Miri city. Its jurisdiction area is about 5,205.43 sq. km. (including Bario Sub District). The responsibility of council has become more important when Miri was recognized as a city on 20th May 2005. Bario Sub District with 4,228 sq. km was under the jurisdiction of Miri City Council on 30 July 2015 which was previously under Marudi District Council.

The main function of Miri City council is providing the public services and managing the events and affairs of Miri City. The services provided by Miri City Council are rubbish collecting, providing of street lighting,maintenance of roads and drains, managing the disposal and conservancy system, collecting of assessment rates, bills and others which are under the authority of Miri City Council.

The achievement of Miri City Council is winning the award of the national level on beautiful landscape category competition. Miri City attracts visitors from all over the world. This brings income to prosper the economy of Miri.