MCC launches hi-tech parking system

Posted on 12 Feb 2024
Source of News: Sarawak Tribune

Yii (3rd left) at the launch of LPR system at Miri City Council multi-storey UTC carpark.

MIRI: The Licence Plate Recognition System (LPR) at Miri City Council (MCC) multi-storey UTC carpark was launched today.

MCC Mayor Adam Yii said the council has successfully implemented the industrial grade LPR solution with a 99 per cent LPR recognition accuracy using customised high-quality cameras and cutting-edge controllers at the carpark with good and encouraging feedback from users.

“The LPR system is integrated with our own BorneoPark Miri parking app which allows Miri motorists entering any off-streeet car park facilities in Miri using our LPR system with auto credit deduction from their BorneoPark Miri app, making it hassle free and very convenient as they exit the carpak.

“LPR is a type of computer vision technology that uses image recognition algorithms to read and identify licence plate numbers on vehicles.

“This technology captures an image, processes the image to extract the licence plate number, and then compares it against a database of authorised vehicle to determine entry and exit permissions,” he said in a statement in connection with the launch of the system.

He added that the LPR system offers many advantages over traditional methods in terms of accuracy, efficiency, security, cost-effectiveness and user experience.

“It is a powerful technology that has many applications in law enforcement, toll collection, parking management and security.

“It will continue to be an important tool for improving public safety and traffic flow,” said Yiii.

The LPR technology offers a more efficient, accurate and secure solution for parking facilities.

With increased efficiency, improved security and better user experience, the system is becoming the preferred choice and way forward for parking management.

The LPR system also accepts many payments modes such as credit/debit card, numerous e-wallets (Sarawak pay, Grab Pay, Touch n Go, Apple Pay, UnionPay, Boost, Alipay, WeChat pay, Cash and MAE, and ATM card.

With faster entry/exit times and improved accuracy, Yii said the LPR system provides a better overall experience for drivers using the parking facilities.