MCC launches environmental sustainability initiative

Posted on 22 May 2024
Source of News: Sarawak Tribune

Yii (centre, clad in white attire) leading other guests in tree planting activities.

MIRI: The Miri City Council (MCC) has launched the “Penghijauan Malaysia: PokokKita, Kehidupan Kita” programme here, today (May 18).

Miri Mayor Adam Yii Siew Sang said the initiative, part of the Local Agenda 21 (LA21) Phase 1 for the year 2024, plays a critical role in fostering a healthier environment and enhancing the quality of life for residents.


“The ‘Penghijauan Malaysia: PokokKita, Kehidupan Kita’ programme holds profound significance for the wellbeing of our environment and the lives of our people,” he said in his speech during the programme.

He said the initiative aims to transform Miri City into a model of environmental sustainability and smart development.

“This transformation is essential in the Council’s broader strategy to evolve Miri into a low-carbon city,” Yii added.

During the programme, Yii and distinguished guests participated in a tree-planting initiative, with a total of 200 trees being planted during the programme.

“This programme is not merely a small step but a significant leap towards making Miri City a shining example of environmental sustainability and smart development,” Yii added.

“By prioritising the reduction of carbon emissions and the enhancement of green spaces, we are not only tackling the pressing environmental issues of today but also laying a strong foundation for a sustainable and resilient future. Our commitment to these goals ensures that future generations will inherit a healthier, greener, and more livable city,” he said.

The launch event saw active participation from local community members, environmental groups and city officials, all rallying behind the common goal of creating a greener Miri.

The “PokokKita, Kehidupan Kita” initiative is expected to involve extensive tree planting activities, public awareness campaigns, and collaborations with various stakeholders to maximise its impact.

Also present were Deputy Mayor Ariffin Mohamad, City Council acting secretary Abdul Rahman Taupek and the programme’s organising chairman Leslie Lau Ik Chie.